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Rogerio De Sousa

Associate Professor in the Department of Physics
at The University of Victoria

My research is on how to design quantum hardware with less noise, with particular focus on photons and superconducting materials. More recently we also became involved with research related to how to implement quantum algorithms with the cloud-based quantum computers from IBM and D-Wave. I have collaborators at other universities and national labs in multiple countries (Brazil, Canada, France, USA, etc). I have an ongoing collaboration with scientists at D-Wave Systems Inc., where we investigate the sources of noise and how to reduce them in the D-Wave quantum processor.

I am also an academic fellow of the British Columbia Quantum Algorithms Institute, based at the Surrey campus of Simon Fraser University. With leading companies in our area (1Qbit, D-Wave, Photonic), our province recognizes the opportunity to develop a quantum ecosystem that can compete worldwide in the development of this exciting new technology. This includes a multi-university effort to form more professionals with expertise in quantum hardware and software. For more information on what is going on in B.C. related to quantum computing, check out our Quantum-BC webpage, .

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