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Primer on Spin Qubits: State-of-the-art and Challenges

Joseph Salfi

Spin qubits in group-IV materials are an appealing system for building quantum technologies because of their long coherence times and compatibility with industrial manufacturing technologies. The small size of spin qubits is both a blessing and a curse. The small size means that large numbers of qubits necessary to build fault-tolerant quantum computers could in principle be integrated onto a single chip. However, spin qubits are so small that fabricating and controlling them has proven to be more difficult than, for example, superconducting qubits. In this talk I will describe recent progress in an emerging system, spin-orbit qubits in Group-IV materials, which could offer a means to resolve some of these challenges, and in addition, to streamline simulation of materials and chemistry compared to competing systems. I will describe our ongoing efforts to develop spin qubits and superconducting technologies both to explore fundamental physics and build scalable quantum technologies.

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