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Quantum Silicon Photonics

Lukas Chrostowski

Photonic integrated circuits, implemented in silicon, have become a mainstream technology for providing high-speed optical communication links within data centres. Other applications include various sensors (LIDAR, biomedical, environment), optical computing, and quantum information processing. Perhaps the most ambitious application for integrated photonics is in quantum computing. Photonics can be used for the computation itself (e.g. PsiQuantum, Xanadu), or can be an enabling technology to couple between spin qubits to build scalable hybrid photonic-spin quantum processors (the SFU-UBC SiQL CFI project, Photonic Inc.). Finally, photonics can be used for what it does best – optical communications – to build quantum communication links between quantum processors and quantum sensors. This talk will discuss research to develop the ingredients necessary for these technologies. This includes novel fabrication techniques using electron beam lithography (SiEPICfab consortium), the design of devices such as single photon sources, single photon detectors, and tunable high-Q resonators for spin qubits, and building instrumentation to test these devices and circuits including cryogenic probe stations and cryogenic photonic packaging.

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